Joanna Udo 

They say wisdom comes from knowledge and knowledge from learning. A chance to acquire skills in how to become and sustain yourself as an entrepreneur is a noteworthy avenue in life to embrace, especially at an early age.  

Joanna Udo is a business coach, advisor, and pathfinder in the technological industry. As a child, she observed her mother launch, maneuver, and prolong multiple businesses while maintaining a successful nursing career. 

Joanna became enthralled with them at the tender age of 8. Backed by a Bachelors in Computer Networking and Network Security, she has spent over 10 years working in corporate America, crafting technology solutions and building businesses. 

A woman of expensive tastes, Joanna not only demonstrates how to automate, outsource, and increase income but she advocates enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. 

Technology Consultant

I help small, medium and large businesses solve everyday problems with technology. 

Serial Entrepreneur

I run multiple businesses and have ideas for at least 5 more, currently on hiatus

Business & Career Coach

 Being the catalyst that catapults my clients to success brings me joy

Change Agent

Not a fan of status quo unless it makes sense, if you don’t like change, we won’t work well together 

Daughter of a limitless God

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So if you have limiting beliefs, be ready to lose them. 


I had the opportunity to participate in the Women in Technology 2015 conference at Davenport University with Joanna Udo. She played a key part in organizing, preparing and recruiting speakers for this event. The event was well attended with attendees enjoying the speakers, who provided great tips on how to start/build a career in technology. Nice job Joanna, keep up the hard work. Your leadership and dedication to helping other woman find great careers in technology is appreciated.

– Charlotte Byndas

Director of Recruitment Operations & Contingent Workforce


Joanna is a person who blends a bright personality with professionalism to spotlight individual creators. Featured my story and my portfolio on her Bridges in Tech podcast. She is always gathering people together across demographics to work together, and BIT events are always fun and educational”


– Morgan Lucas

Tech Blogger & Consultant



Joanna assisted me with launching my 1st ebook. I participated in her 4 week Ebook course. She provided a weekly timeline, assignments, and assisted with marketing efforts and setting goals. This process was fast but I was able to succeed and meet my deadline! I highly recommend her expertise if you want to start your own Ebook and don’t know where to start. Thanks again” 

– Katia Dean
  Author, The Struggle is Real: A Blueprint to Excelling into the Cybersecurity Discipline.

Joanna has been extremely influential in the direction of my business. Since I have come to work with her, I have been able to understand and attack some major items that have been holding my business back including identifying and speaking to my target audience, making sure that my website and social media content best represented my business as well as spoke to my audience. This was not just talk but actionable steps she gave me that I was able to implement and am still implementing that have significantly increased engagement, allowed me to share my website with pride, grow my mailing list, and one of her posts even encouraged me to do a sale that wound up being my best one day sale to date! Joanna is not only knowledgeable but extremely helpful and kind yet tough and wants to see others do well!! 

– Carmelle, Owner Billionheir Investors

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