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Joanna Udo

Hello and welcome to my virtual home, I’m passionate about helping women discover and 

monetize their passion(s) by building thriving careers and businesses. Whether you are 

ready to take your career to the next level, start or scale your business I am the secret 

sauce you’ve been looking for. I’ve got the strategy & tools to help you reach your goals

Goal Setting Guide

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I Strongly

Believe That

You were born for greatness and it’s time to free yourself of societal limitations and reach for the stars. You have a passion, skillset and experience that someone is searching for and I want to help you become the answer to their prayers. Let’s discover your passion(s) together, articulate your experiences and create a plan of action, while providing the accountability and support you need. 


The People I Serve Identify As 

Business Owners

Business owners hire me to help them create a strategy that will take their business to the next level and/or implement technology solutions that will give them time back to focus on their zone of genius. 

Lifestyle Enthusiasts

I create products that allow you to express yourself, send a message and / or affirm your goals. The brand is influenced by my Nigerian heritage and gives back to both Nigerian and American economy. 

Real Estate Investors

I’m very passionate about creating multiple streams of income and real estate is one way to do so, whether you are looking to buy or sell a new home or investment properties, I’d love the opportunity to help you. 

Women in Tech

I was sick and tired of being the only woman and person of color in the room, so I created an organization to help women discover their ideal technology job, create a strategy to get hired and mentor for growth. 

Speaking Engagement 

I’m Often asked to speak on the following topics

  • Creating the Life of Your Dreams
  • Identifying & Attracting Your Target  Audience
  • Creating a Personal Brand
  • The Pathway to a Tech Career
  • Hiring & Retaining Tech Talent 
  • Professional Development 
  • Information Security Awareness 
  • Leveraging the Power of Technology in your business and/or career

Let’s Get Started

Not sure how I can help you? Let’s get on a call and find out together.